City of Castle Rock Zoning Map


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Site Aerial View

Castle Rock Business Park Full Site View

Parcel Lot 1: 20.93 acres

The Farm – Highway Business – Industrial


Lot 2 Parcel : 4.33 acres

Highway Business


Lot 3 Parcel: 6.45 acres

River Front Waterway & Dredge Material


Lot 4 Parcel: 78.68 Acres

Industrial Zoning


Lot 5 Parcel: 7.88 acres

Industrial with Dredge Material


For further definitions and information please refer to tab Title 17 “ZONING Classification”


and Public Uses

Cemetery Hwy Business Conditional

Church Hwy Business Permitted

Community Club Hwy Business-Permitted


Crematory Industrial-Conditional

Fraternal Organization Hwy Business- Permitted

Gallery/Museum Hwy Business-Conditional


Golf Course Hwy Business-Conditional

Hospital Hwy Business-Permitted

Parking Lot Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Police/Fire Department Buildings – Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Public Administration Buildings Hwy Business and Industrial


Public Library Hwy Business-Permitted

Public Post Office Building Hwy Business-Permitted


Repair/Maintenance Hwy Business and Industrial


Rectory Hwy Business-Permitted

Vocational School Hwy Business Permitted and Industrial-Conditional

Accessory and Industrial Uses

Aquaculture Industrial Permitted

Caretaker Residence Hwy Business and Industrial Conditional


Commercial, Transportation and Utility Uses

Incineration Facility Hwy Business Conditional

Power Plant Industrial-Permitted

Public Utility Services Hwy Business and Industrial Permitted

Substation Hwy Business and Industrial-Conditional

Taxi Terminal Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Train Depot Hwy Business Permitted

Truck Terminal Industrial Permitted

Waste Transfer Site Industrial Permitted

Water/Sewer Treatment Hwy Business and Industrial Conditional


Commercial, Manufacturing and Industrial Uses

Food Processing Industrial Permitted

General Manufacturing Industrial-Permitted

Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment Industrial Permitted

Laundries Hwy Commercial and Industrial Permitted

Light Industrial/Manufacturing Industrial Permitted

Liquor Store Hwy Commercial- Permitted

Manufactured Home

Construction/Storage Industrial Permitted


Microbrewery Industrial Permitted

Mining/Mineral Extraction Hwy Business and Industrial Conditional

Mixed Commercial and Industrial Hwy-Business Conditional and Industrial Permitted

Recycling Center Industrial Permitted

Salvage Yard Industrial Permitted


Retail Uses

Farm Tool Sale/Rental Hwy Business and Industrial Permitted

Fruit Stand Hwy Business Conditional

Outdoor Recreation Hwy Business Conditional

Recreational Vehicle Park Hwy Business and Industrial Conditional

Retail Stores Hwy Business-Permitted


Service Uses

Adult Books/Novelty/Video Stores Hwy Business and Industrial-Conditional

Animal Health Center

Veterinarian Hwy Business -Permitted

Arcade-Hwy Business Permitted

Bakery Hwy Business Permitted

Beauty Shop/Barber Hwy Business Permitted Commercial

Indoor Recreation Hwy Business Permitted

Gambling Premises Hwy Business Conditional

General Warehouse Industrial Permitted

Heating Fuel Sales and Storage-Hwy Business-Conditional and Industrial-Permitted

Hotel-Hwy Business-Permitted

Kennel (indoor)-Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted Kennel (outdoor)-Industrial-Permitted

Large Animal Grooming-Industrial-Permitted

Laundromats/Dry Cleaners-Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Lecture/Meeting Hall-Hwy Business -Permitted

Mini-Warehouse-Hwy Business-Conditional and Industrial-Permitted

Mortuary-Hwy Business -Permitted

Motel- Hwy Business- Permitted Movie Theater (Indoor)-Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Movie Theater (Drive-In)-Hwy Business -Permitted and Industrial-Conditional

Outdoor Storage-Hwy Business and Industrial-Conditional

Performing Art Theater-Hwy Business-Conditional

Photograph Studio-Hwy Business-Permitted

Restaurant < 500 s.f.-Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Restaurant > 500 s.f.-Hwy Business-Permitted

Restaurant with Cocktail Lounge-Hwy Business-Permitted

Sexually Oriented Businesses- Industrial-Conditional

Small Animal Grooming- Hwy Business and Industrial-Permitted

Spectator Sport Site-Hwy Business and Industrial-Conditional

Tavern- Hwy Business-Permitted

Office and Professional Uses

Medical Office- Hwy Business -Permitted

Professional Office- Hwy Business- Permitted

Auto, Marine and Related Uses

Automobile Repair (Major)- Hwy Business and Industrial – Permitted

Automobile Repair (Minor)-Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

Boat Sales/Service/Repair- Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

Car Wash- Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

Marine Moorage- Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

Marine Service Station- Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

New/Used Car Dealer- Hwy Business- Permitted

Parking Lot-Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

Service Station- Hwy Business and Industrial- Permitted

City of Castle Rock Title 17 Zoning

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A Codification of the General Ordinances
of the City of Castle Rock, Washington

The Castle Rock Municipal Code is current through Ordinance 2014-03, passed May 27, 2014.

City Website:
City Telephone: (360) 274-8181

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Future Castle Rock, WA Zoning Map
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