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Your Vision Message
  • I would love to see a part of the Rock used for families to enjoy a day in a secluded park like atmosphere.
    Stephan Eaglefree
    designer & artist
  • I would love to have my business located at Castle Rock Business Park.
    Miriam Wisebull
    account manager
  • An RV storage building would be my wish and vision. We are retired and live near by Castle Rock. We travel the summers and I would like store my RV near by.
    Alex Bluemarine
    Retired Policeman
  • Curabitur pellentesque neque eget diam posuere porta. Quisque ut nulla at nunc vehicula lacinia. Proin adipiscing porta tellus, ut feugiat nibh adipiscing metus sit amet.
    Richard Anderson
    creative director
  • A business park where I can rent a space for my floral business.
    Tiffany Firebird
  • A place for weddings, family functions, anniversaries and a place I can set up my photography studio.
    Diana Brown

The Property

Castle Rock Business Park