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Structural fill is typically a screened earthen material used to create a strong and stable base. For example, the native soil at a site may be too weak to support a structure, so the native soil is replaced by compacted structural fill to provide the needed bearing capacity. Another common application is the filling of trenches and other excavations that will support roadways or other structures when completed. Structural fills are constructed by compacting earthen materials in place, so the compaction properties (optimum water content and maximum dry density) are very important to the performance. The compressibility and shear strength are also important measures of the compacted material. Traditionally, fill materials have been composed of soil and natural aggregates. Traditional structural fill materials tend to be sandy soils that compact well and have good drainage properties. The Mount St. Helens dredge spoils uniquely found on our site here in Castle Rock, WA provide a perfect solution to your fill and sand use requirements.

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