The City of Castle Rock is Washington State’s best kept secret.

Also known as “The Gateway to Mount St. Helens”, Castle Rock is strategically located on Interstate 5 between Seattle and Portland. Spirit Lake Memorial Highway (SR 504) connects the city to the Mount St. Helens National Monument and Spirit Lake recreation areas – two of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the state.

The City of Castle Rock itself is a quaint town of just over two thousand residents, with a rich local history and robust future plans. It was awarded the Association of Washington Cities’ 2004 Municipal Achievement Award in recognition of its dynamic Riverfront Trial Project, and continuously strives for quality-of-life improvements for its residents, businesses, and visitors.

The following excerpt is from the Castle Rock Chamber on the City’s history:

“The city of Castle Rock is situated primarily upon the donation land claim of Eliza and William Huntington. The Huntingtons settled in the area in 1852. On December 12, 1888, the city of Castle Rock was platted, and later incorporated in 1890.

The city is named after a large volcanic rock formation along the Cowlitz River which resembles an old castle. “The Rock,” which rises 200 feet above the surrounding area, was used as a geographical landmark for early travelers along the Cowlitz River. Now, the city has preserved “The Rock.” Visitors and locals can hike to the top of the 200-foot formation, thanks to a trail that winds its way to the top. Historical markers are located at the base of “The Rock” at the intersection of Huntington Avenue South and Front Avenue.”

City of Castle Rock website:

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Vision Statement for Castle Rock

The City of Castle Rock developed the following Vision Statement as part of its Community Action Plan (The goal of this effort was to develop a community-supported road-map for the future.


Castle Rock: Where Past, Present and Future Come Together

Castle Rock is a wonderful place to live, work and play. It’s a community where the people are as resilient and vibrant as the natural features that surround their home; a place where life-long residents and visitors alike feel they are part of the same tight-knit family.
Castle Rock values and celebrates its historical roots, while always planning for and embracing its future.
Over the years, community organizations and volunteers have joined forces with local government to create an impressive menu of year-round recreational activities, town festivals and cultural attractions. They have helped make Castle Rock a place where people not only want to come … but a place people want to stay.
Citizens and government work in partnership with business and industry to support and enhance the city’s diverse economic base. The fruit of their efforts can be seen in a thriving downtown core, bustling I-5 business district and an ever expanding mix of employment opportunities. People in Castle Rock understand that a balanced, prosperous economy fuels a healthy social environment.
The community places a premium on life-long learning. Schools enjoy strong public support, and extended education opportunities – from specialized vocational training to personal-enrichment courses – are available to people of all ages.

Castle Rock is a place people are proud to call home; a place where each generation works to pass along to their children the sense of safety and comfort provided by their own parents. It’s a place where the past, present and future come together.

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