Welcome to The Castle Rock Business Park

Lease or Purchase

The site spans from the I-5 corridor to the Cowlitz River banks. The railroad spur is to the North of the property.

Land Development

We welcome all business owners and land developers, both commercial and industrial, to explore the possibilities available here at Castle Rock Business Park.

Construction Planning

Our team of professionals can assist you with all the steps and stages of your projects planning and construction. Our staff will provide what you need to be successful.

Structural Fill

With over 70 acres of Mount St. Helens dredge available as structural fill, land developers and business owners have found that the rock is an affordable and abundant resource for their structural fill needs.

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Business Friends & Community Support

Metana Realty
Guild Mortgage Group
Mt. St. Helens Motorcycle Club
BB Ranch Butchers
Prefabricated Steel Building Solutions